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HYDROGEN-RICH WATER mineral generator
model H-01
Made in Japan
makes hydrogen-rich water,
the most effective anti-oxidant presently known !



If you often drink tap water you must know, that when your tap water arrives at your home, it will usually be a little over neutral in pH ~ around 7.5.

It will, however, be robbed of its electrical negative charge and will almost always have a 'positive' ORP (redox potential). The same story is with the water which you get in the store, nicely packed and loaded with minerals, many times "recommended" by experts too! This means it has no antioxidant abilities and cannot assist your body in the fight against oxygen free radicals. On the contrary, it actually robs you of energy as you drink it.

The measurement of this positive or negative charge is expressed in millivolts, so an ORP reading on our ORP meter of tap water will most likely show around +250 till +350 millivolts. After it has been "treated" with H-01 generator it will most likely show anything from -50 to -250mv (depending on the amount of soluble minerals in the water and on the original pH of the water).

Here's where it gets a little tricky. Some device vendors claim antioxidant effect because their generators or water units reduce the positive charge (+350mv). What they don't tell you is that they don't reduce it enough to turn it negative. ONLY when your water shows a negative ORP (less than zero) is it antioxidant capable !!!

It's a similar situation with alkalinity. As we already mentioned, your water is already arriving at your sink or in the bottle with a mild alkalinity. That's because local authorities 'doctor' it with lime to keep it the alkaline side of acid, for two reasons;

  • They are bound by law to do so
  • Acid (less than pH 7) water is a willing host for microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

Totally different story is with dozens of "drinks" offered on the market - most of them has pH far below 7.0 so it is simple acid - but who cares? It is sold as "energizing drink" with ORP over +350mV - fully packed with free radicals oxidant!

Scientists at Shiga university in Japan have conducted long term research into optimum alkalinity of drinking water for health, and have determined it to be from pH 8 to 9.5. Our own research has confirmed that H-01 generator is capable of delivering a precise pH with a range all the way from neutral up to pH 10. If you are considering other devices please keep these two important facts in mind.

  • You need a negative charge in your drinking water for it to be at all antioxidant.
  • You need the ability to adjust pH for each individual user or family member.

Remember, it's not about how good your water filter is or how long it will last. It's about how long YOU want to last and how good YOUR life will be!

Hydrogen-Rich Water generator model H-01, made by Best Ecotech Co. in Japan, is the only mineral device on the market to assure total capability, quality and effectivenes as it is being said in product's description and instruction manual.

A word from producer:

1. Hydrogen-Rich Water, with a redox potential of – 50 to – 350 millivolts is best suited for improving and preventing diseases, according to a clinician who has been conducting a clinical test for the last 21 years. 

2. With one mineral Stick H-01, you can process a plastic (or glass) bottle of 0.5 litre, or 1.0 litre by using tap water, (or cold boiled water, or mineral water or purified water).
You can keep using the three H-01 sticks in a box repeatedly in order to produce 1.5 – 2.0 litres of hydrogen-rich water daily for the period of minimum 6 months.

3. You can drink it 20 –30 minutes after putting the water into a 0.5 litre PET bottle, however it is recommended that you start drinking the water after stick was placed in for minimum 2 hours - it will give you healing water with negative redox potential, saturated with active hydrogen - the most effective anti-oxidant in the World.

4. Use this water to make coffe, black or green tea (you can get true antioxidant's benefits from green tea, because it is antioxidant itself)

5. Use this water for whisky in order to prevent hangover

6. Drink a minimum 2 litres of H-01 hydrogen-rich water (active hydrogen water) per day

7. If you are suffering from serious diseases, you should drink even 3-5 litres of H-01 water per day

What input water should you use ?

  • Either tap water (or cold boiled water), which is rich in minerals and cheap to use ;
  • Or, you can use mineral water or purified water.

8. (a) How is it processed ?  (b) What is the output ?  (c) What is actually generated ?

Both atomic Hydrogen (H-one atom of hydrogen) and molecular hydrogen (H2 – two atoms of hydrogen) are generated immediately after you put our Hydrogen-Rich Water H-01 Generator into a plastic (or glass) water bottle.
Active hydrogen water is produced and generated all the time while the Stick H-01 is in water. You should not take the Stick out of the plastic (or glass) bottle before drinking up all the water in the bottle.

9. What is the theoretical model behind the concept ? Medical research indicates that 90% of the causes of many illnesses are the result of the accumulation of acidic waste, which is produced by free radicals (active oxygen species).
Hydrogen-Rich Water is defined as antioxidant water produced by our Hydrogen-Rich Water Generator H-01, and also scavenges and neutralizes free radicals and protects DNA from oxidative damage.
Free radicals such as chemia can cause sickness, which can be scavenged and neutralized by active hydrogen, chemia1In other words, active hydrogen,chemia1 to bind to free radicals (active oxygen species), chemia is to produce harmless water, or H2O.That is to say free radicals which is the cause of all sort of illnesses will be expelled from one’s body as perfectly harmless water, or H2O in faeces, urine and perspiration. Therefore, it is said that the ideal scavenger for free radicals should be hydrogen-rich water (active hydrogen water).

10. Every life form originated in water, or H2O, which is produced as a benefit of hydrogen bond energy, a potent energy by which to bind hydrogen with oxygen. Hydrogen bond energy made it possible for hydrogen to bind with oxygen to produce water (H2O). According to this line of logic, we can say that the ideal countermeasure (scavenger) against active oxygen should be active hydrogen. Nothing could be a better scavenger than active hydrogen as far as the principle of hydrogen bonding is concerned.

11. Living organisms originated in water. This fact implies that necessary conditions for birth and survival of them should exist in water.
If not, no living organism could have originated in water.  Oxidation by free radicals can cause a multitude of diseases.  While, reduction by active hydrogen should bring recovery from it.
H2O is a compound of redox reaction of H and O, which produces not only H2O, O2, H+ and e- but also chemia2 which regulate life and death of living organisms. Free radicals (active oxygen species) such as chemia can bring sickness, which can be, however, scavenged and neutralized by active hydrogen, chemia1, as shown below.


12.   On February 28, 2002, Hida Miracle Healing Water was featured on Japanese TV. Since then their telephone has been ringing all the time as a result of an enormous number of people who are interested in ordering their product.  It seems that subsequent to it being featured on TV, people have discovered that the delivery period of Hida Miracle Healing Water can be as long as one year. 
    People tend to believe what the TV programme says and, consequently, viewers believe the claims made for this particular water.
We measured Hida Miracle Healing Water with our Hydrogen Detector and found that it does not contain water with atomic and molecular hydrogen.  During transportation all of the hydrogen in Hida’s Miracle Healing Water had evaporated since hydrogen is the lightest element. 
     People do not realize that when they receive Hida Miracle Healing Water at their house several days after bottling, the Hydrogen will have completely evaporated.
If you really want to have Hydrogen-Rich Water, you must actually visit Hida and drink it at its source.
Other so-called miracle healing water such as Tlacote in Mexico, Nordenau in Germany, Nadana in India, Lourdes in France are all temporarily hydrogen-rich water, unless you drink it at the source.

13.  We measured tap water, in addition to numerous samples of mineral water, which are bottled both domestically and overseas; and so-called natural water produced by a famous manufacturer. However, we found that none of them contained water with atomic and molecular hydrogen in them.  We call them Hydrogen-Poor Water.

Marked in red is Hydrogen-Poor Water.   Marked in green is Hydrogen-Rich Water


                             OXIDIZED WATER  

   (Hydrogen-Rich Water)                    (Hydrogen-Poor Water)

             Please understand a redox potential with (+) plus is not effective in improving symptoms of illness and preventing diseases.
As a matter of fact, it is the cause of many types of illnesses.
We call such water Hydrogen-Poor Water.

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