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                                                                                                  I am 19 years old.  
                                                                                   40 years from now I will be only 20 years older !
                                                                                                                Just because I drink hydrogen-rich water!
                                                               It's so simple!

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Eva Fildanova





Life is beautifull !
Drinking hydrogen-rich water is the best and simple solution to live longer and look younger!
This water fights free radicals, which destroy my body and make me older!


It does not matter what kind of water filter you use - none will remove reactive oxygen species (free radicals) from the water!
It does not matter what brand bottled water you choose - it will not deoxidize your body because
99% of drinking water is an oxidant itself! Oxidation is definitely bad for your health !

Free radicals damage DNA and make you old faster !  Free radicals destroy lipid membranes which cause
lot of diseases!
You have to reduce the water which you drink and change its redox to negative level, so there is no more free radicals entering your body! Doing this you help your cells be healthy and live longer!

Active Hydrogen is the most effective scavenger of reactive oxygen species!  It is released to the water
when the H-01 mineral generator is inside the bottle, reducing its redox from high positive to low negative
level which is in matter of fact mostly desirable by your body!

H-01 works for six months making hydrogen-rich water, which you must drink, not only because you are made of 70% of water and because it is the principle of your existence! You must drink this water because it is the most effective anti-oxidant, helping you to get rid off excessive level of free radicals!

Get your mineral generator now! Heal yourself, slow your aging and enjoy healthy living for few cents a day ! When you'll be 80 years old, you will say to yourself: Thanks God I did it!

Any drinking water can be easy measured with an ORP meter. When it is done, you can see that its redox (oxidation-reduction potential) is more than +200mV
(even up to +500 mV.)
Because it has a positive redox potential, it is able to acquire electrons and oxidize other molecules, and then rob your body of electrons in the form of energy..

Hydrogen-rich water is Reduced Water, and it has a negative redox potential of approximately -50 to -300 mV. This means it has a large mass of electrons ready
to donate to electron-thieving active oxygen in the form of free radicals.

It is hard to find such 'Live Water' in the nature, but there is few places in the World. Well, you can go to the high Himalayas to get it or have it with you, in the
bottle all the times! Choice is yours !

Read the information available on this website, use the FORUM to ask questions or discuss the matters, but if you decide to drink what you are drinking now
we do not blame you ! We wish you good health  and long life anyway!         


|That what we call Hydrogen-Rich Water




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