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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - There is on the market hydrogen-rich water called alkaline ionized water - how different it is from hydrogen-rich water produced by H-01 generator?

A - Alkaline ionized water is made by electrolysis and its hydrogen is very unstable, difusing out of water shortly. Except, the electricity is needed to make it. Hydrogen-rich water made with H-01 generator is a lot more stable, remains in the water all the time when generator is in the bottle. No electricity is needed to produce such water. It also has alkaline properties.

Q - What is H-01 generator made of?

A - This is totally made of minerals and is safe for use with any drinking water.

Q - How effective is H-01 generator over the time?

A - H-01 generator makes hydrogen-rich water for six months if use according to instruction.

Q - Why hydrogen-rich water is so important for us?

A - It is mainly the only anti-oxidant water available for everyday human consumption, using such simple process. Active hydrogen present in thi water scavenges reactive oxygen species in our body, which are known also as free radicals.

Q - Are free radicals danger for us?

A - Oh yes! Definitely! Free radicals damage our DNA causing faster aging and destroy lipid membranes of the cells causing many diseases, including Parkinson, astma, cancer....

Q - There is many anti-oxidants available to fight free radicals - are they effective?

A -   As we know from the everyday living, we are not eating too healthy food! We do not eat food which has anti-oxidants! Instead, we eat lot of junk food which is mostly pure oxidant, strongly affecting our body! Then, to follow doctors and diet experts orders, we do eat anti-oxidant pills and drink water with it! Water we drink is oxidant itself, so it is the same like drink the poison and take antidotum at the same time! Make it sens! Of course not!

Q - How it is possible that H-01 generator makes anti-oxidant water?

A - H-01 start generating active hydrogen when being placed to the bottle of water with positive ORP (let's say +250mV). All reactive oxygen species present in the water are scavenged by active hydrogen (water is made) and then hydrogen is saturating the water, resulting negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) even up to -300mV, and water with negative ORP is the most powerfull, yet natural antioxidant!

Q - Why this information are not available for public?

A - Well, believe or not - it is convenient for those who take care for your health. When you will stay healthy they will be out of business!

Q - Do I have to keep generator in the water all the time? What happen if I will take it out of bottle?

A - It is better when H-01 stays in the water - the hydrogen is produced all the time and more saturated water will have lower ORP, what is better for your health! In case you want to take H-01 out of water, even drink the water or store in refrigerator, tightly closed (you can keep it few days without loosing its healing properties). Dry your generator and store for later use.

Q - How to drink this water?

A - Wait 2-3 hours after placing H-01 to the bottle and then start to drink. Drink this water amount during at least one hour, and then fill up the bottle with fresh water.

Q - Can I place this generator into the bottle with beverages or bottled tea?

A - We did some testing regarding effectivenes of H-01 in fruit juice drink - it works! We did get negative ORP and hydrogen was generated as in the water. However, this was our test - you can try too! It won't affect your health, but may affect the generator in regards of its effectivenes over the time.

Q - How do I know if H-01 is still effective?

A - The best thing is to have ORP meter and check the water from time to time, but you can trust the producer! If you will drink 1 - 1.5 liter of water per day and take care for generator according to instruction, it will stay effective for six months! Guaranteed!

Q - Is it safe to be in contact with hydrogen? Won't it explode?

A - Yes, it is totally safe to use this generator. Even if you hear hydrogen coming out of bottle after opening in the morning - do not worry. It won't explode!

Q - Where to buy this device?

(+39) 333 934 0162